Everybody loves sharks. We admire their perfection and must protect them.

By offering robot sharks we can experience their beauty without damaging their survival.

Nothing draws attention like a shark. They are so cool.


Roboshark is a 6 ft. robotic shark made by Andrew Sneath in 2003.

Roboshark starred in a BBC Natural History Unit Wildlife Special entitled "Smart Sharks: Swimming with Roboshark", in which a camera attached to the robotic shark was used to capture unique underwater footage of whale sharks, bull sharks, and great white sharks.

Roboshark was a finalist in the Royal Television Awards.

After retiring from the TV business, Roboshark lived in an aquarium at the National Marine Aquarium, UK. for six months.

Roboshark's body is made with a tough composite structure housing the battery, motors and control system.

Employing unique propulsion and control technologies RobosharkTM, a robotic shark, allowed safe close-proximity filming of sharks by the BBC.

RobosharkTM was the cornerstone of the acclaimed ‘Shark Special’ documentary presented by Sir David Attenborough. The show was a finalist at the Royal Television Awards for Innovation. Following screening of the film (to an audience of over 4.2m), RobosharkTM was loaned to the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, where it attracted 3,000 visitors a day.

A ‘Roboshark Party’ is a family pool party with a difference. Visitors learn about Roboshark and then swim and race him across the pool. We also explain the engineering and manufacturing techniques to build the hard outer shell and internal control systems.

Roboshark can be designed to suit your needs and location. From 5 to 15 feet long Roboshark can genitally swimming in your pool or chase the nearest prey.

Please contact with your requirements.